Our Story

Take on the adventure of Ometepe, a stunning island formed by two volcanoes emerging from Lake Nicaragua. Its name is derived from the Nahuatl words ome (two) and tepetl (mountain), representing the powerful duality of nature.

Inspired by our indigenous roots and the teachings of our grandparents, my husband and I have chosen to name our entrepreneurship after this magnificent island. As a Queer Black Latinx couple, we have fallen in love with San Francisco and want to create a wellness community accessible to everyone.

Get ready to elevate your home's atmosphere with our innovative organic candles!

As a Queer Black Latinx couple, we're passionate about using premium essential oils to create a perfect home decor experience. Ignite your home with our bold and adventurous organic candles!

Take a leap with us and renew your space!

Ometepe workshop

Learn the art of candle-making. Choose from 100+ scents and vibrant vessel colors to create your own unique set of candles. Savor a glass of wine as you share in the experience with fellow attendees. Take your one-of-a-kind creation home to enjoy.

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